Man he makes my nite!:) me: put ice on ur burn! Him: I can’t put ice on it! Its by a part of me tht doesn’t like to be cold! Me: lmao!! Made my nite baby

Gunna be an amazing weekend


i friggen LOVE tumblr and my new apple laptop:) lovin the skypin too lol. hmu:)<3


GOING TO FLORIDA IN LESS THAN 12 HOURS:) CAN’T WAIT!!!! bout to go and relax and just enjoy my time away from everything. going to clear my head and of every heart break i have received. THANKS!!!:)


Why do I feel like crying?

Why am I this way?

I feel like dying,

But I don’t know what to say</3

I want to love you

I want to hold you

But what hurts the most,

You don’t feel what I do</3

I can’t stop thinking 

I can’t stoping talking

But for you,

You just keep walking</3

Fun but lost

Having an interesting life right now but im so lost without you in my life. I wish he was still with me. he is what I reason of getting u for and everything else i live for in life. i love him so much i dont want to loose him at all. i feel he doesnt have the same feelings for me like i do for him. its hard to passs him in the halls with him being so happy and me being all depressed. i dont know what to do so i need help. please, anyone out there i need help. i love him and cant loose him. bring him back to me please. any advice???


Puerto Rico!!!:)

My Life

My life so far is alright. I wish things could be better in my life but I can never manage to do things right in my life to keep anyone happy. It’s very depressing and I wish there was just one guy out there for me that will understand me. Listen to me. And love me for me and not just my looks. I’ve been hurt so many times before it starts to get old but each relationship starts to get personal and closer each time. I just want to find the love of my life already that will be by my side always and forever. People say I’m too long to know what love is or to be in love, but when it comes to being close and love, I know what I feel and what i want. I hate being put down all the time. I just want to live life without people judging me all the time. It’s hard to be happy, because all i do is put a fake smile on and just put on a show. I’m done with everyone. I’ve erased most people out of my life. Things aren’t better for me but I did manage to achieve my goal of no more drama. Anyone out there with any sort of advice. I don’t have friends now because of past things. My life is hard enough but I wish I could have at least one friend that will be there for me and just listen and love who I am for me. Anyone out there that cares. Please contact me either on here or email- (luvyaboo18@yahoo.com) please. Thanks. Courtney Burch.